new iphone adapter 2


#disruptive technology

endoscope-i is the world’s first endoscopic imaging system consisting of the endoscope-i apps and our ergonomically engineered adapter.

New iphone adaper

The system has been developed by our team of 4 technology enthusiasts:

  • Mr Chris Coulson FRCS PhD Consultant Otologist
  • Mr Ajith George FRCS Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon
  • Dr Mark Prince MEng PhD Lecturer in Engineering
  • Mr Simon Pargeter Software and App Engineer

11 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. My company, Premier Endoscopy would be interested in selling this product throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, please can someone reply to my email with further details.

  2. Dear Sirs
    Can you send me a offer for the
    a) adapter
    b) software
    c) shipping to Bern, Switzerland

    I work as consultant in the ENT Dept of the Inselspital University Hospital of Bern
    Yours sincerly
    Pat Dubach

    1. Thanks Pat. Advertised adapter price is £100 tax inclusive. The software is available via the App Store. We have 2 apps on sale a basic and pro. Just search “endoscope-i”.
      Following this link to find out about postage costs to Switzerland.

  3. I bought 2 since june and have not received yet, but i bought ONE last week and right This week has arrived here in brazil , i would like to know about the other 2 , thanks

  4. I’d like to buy 2 units.
    Inform the form of payment. time to ship to Brasil.
    I’m a dealer expert in ENT equipments and I would like to receive price and informs about this endoscoup.
    Do you will farber to android system?

    Best Regards

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